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Waratah in Applied Art - Information about Australia's Flora
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waratah painting

The Waratah
Telopea speciosissima
as an historical art motif

Drawn largely from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (now the Power House Museum), Sydney, based on the publications:

  • R.T.Baker (1915) 'The Australian Flora in Applied Art, Part 1, The Waratah', Sydney.

  • Margaret Betteridge (1979) 'Australian Flora in Art, from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney', Sun Books, South Melbourne.

Belt buckle 1
Belt buckle 2
Cup and saucer
Electrolier (light fitting)

Leather bookbinding
Plaque (ceramic)
Stained-glass window
Postage stamp 1959
Postage stamp 1968
Poster - Blue Mountains 1949
Freemason's ceremonial collar ~1950

Sheet-music cover 1927
Sheet-music cover 1952
Vase 1
Vase 2
Wall-paper 1
Wall-paper 2
Wall tiles

See also the Waratah as the NSW floral emblem.

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