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Tussock grassland of Mitchell Grass (Astrebla spp.), with fenceline showing grazing impact, Qld

Tussock grassland dominated by Stipa sp. in flower, Mungo National Park, NSW

Foliage cover of tallest stratum greater than 70%Closed Tussock Grassland structure
Foliage cover of tallest stratum 30 - 70%Tussock Grassland structure
Foliage cover of tallest stratum 10 - 30%Open Tussock Grassland structure

Tussock Grasslands

Extensive areas of Tussock Grasslands have been cleared and replaced by exotic pasture species. Most other areas have been modified by grazing, weed invasion and land management practices associated with grazing domestic stock (e.g. frequent fire and the application of fertilisers).


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