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Section through tropical rainforest near Cape Tribulation, Qld

Rainforest with buttress roots of Sloanea woollsii, Mt Tamborine , Qld

Foliage cover of tallest stratum greater than 70%Rainforest structure

Rainforests and Vine Thickets

Rainforests were cleared extensively during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries for high value timbers, dairying, tobacco, sugar cane and other agricultural production.

photosRainforest Photos from the Australian Plant Image Index

photosVine Thicket Photos from the Australian Plant Image Index


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Map: Australia's Native Vegetation - A summary of Australia's Major Vegetation Groups, 2007, Australian Government website
Structure diagram: Atlas of Australian Resources - Vol. 6, Vegetation, AUSLIG, Canberra, 1990

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