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In Flower This Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers before each plant refer to temporary IFTW labels in the gardens.
Numbers in square brackets
[ ] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

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9 November 2012

Homoranthus flavescens

Homoranthus flavescens
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The floral beauty along Banks Walk is a joy to see.  This walk follows the Main Path where flowers persist. It passes through the magnificent trees, winds through the Sydney Basin, the Rock Garden and then the cool Rainforest.  It starts at the far end of the cafe building.                   

  1. Calytrix tetragona [Section 10] covers the ground clad with white fluffy flowers.
  2. Later Melaleuca fulgens ‘Hot Pink’[Section 10, 11] is an upright leggy shrub bright with fluffy flower clusters.
  3. The opposite corner is bright with perfumed Homoranthus flavescens [Section 9] its layered branches clad with clusters of yellow flowers which glisten with nectar.
  4. Bulbine glauca [Section 8] are lily like self- seeding plants with yellow star-like flowers on succulent stems.
  5. Continue to be confronted by a group of waratahs which include Telopea ‘Canberry Gem‘ [Section 30] a large many branched shrub crowned with its popular red flower heads.
  6. Alyogyne huegelii [Section 30] is a large dense spreading shrub displaying its white hibiscus flowers.
  7. Isopogon anemonifolius [Section 25] in a group is a rounded shrub profuse with yellow ‘drumstick’ rounded flower heads.
  8. Close by Grevillea dimorpha [Section 25] displays its vivid red flowers which edge its upright stems.
  9. Grevillea ‘Coconut Ice’ [Section 25] is a low spreading shrub with terminal pink-cream flower spikes on the arching branches.
  10. Across the road Grevillea ‘Bonfire’ [Section 24] is a large dense shrub profuse with waxy red curvaceous flower clusters, seen surrounding the seat.
  11. Grevillea Poorinda Adorning’ [Section 24] edges the path, is a low spreading shrub bright with red spider-like flowers.
  12. The next bed contains Eriostemon australasius [Section 112] a neat rounded shrub pink with buds and five petalled flowers.
  13. Close by are boronias including Boronia heterophylla [Section 112] bearing its renowned deep red cup-shaped flowers.
  14. Across the road, entering the Sydney Region Gully, the new developed area contains Boronia barkeriana subsp. angustifolia [Section 191h] a prostrate plant clad with pink shaded flowers.
  15. Nearby the brilliant blue flowers are those of Dampiera purpurea [Section 191h], a small upright plant.
  16. At the turn-off to the hot-house, Black- eyed Susan, Tetratheca thymifolia [Section 191j].
  17. Close to the curved seat, Hibbertia pedunculata [Section 191u] is well covered with open yellow flowers over the prostrate plant.
  18. Crossing the Eucalyptus Lawn, the large white daisy-like flowers with grey-green foliage are Helichrysum elatum [Section 18].
  19. Across the road Hakea archaeoides [Section 20] has flower spikes coloured rust-red spotted yellow blending with the foliage.
  20. The Rock Garden contains many floral interests.  The lovely white flannel flower, Actinotus helianthi [Section 14] has large velvety many petalled flowers with its grey-green foliage.
  21. In front of the waterfall Lasiopetalum sp. [Section 4] is an upright medium size plant laden with down-turned pink flowers.
  22. Stroll through the cooling Rainforest to the ramp where Kangaroo paws, Anigozanthos Big Red’ [Section 210] displays its flowers on upright stems and
  23. Chamelaucium uncinatum [Section 210] displays its waxy pink toned flowers over the shrub of medium size.

Barbara Daly.