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In Flower This Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers before each plant refer to temporary IFTW labels in the gardens.
Numbers in square brackets
[ ] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

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26 October 2012

Hibbertia empetrifolia

Hibbertia empetrifolia
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Today we take a short walk close to the Visitors Information Centre  to see all the plants flowering around the buildings, especially noting those in pots

  1. Lechenaultia biloba [Section 221] in a pot has sky blue flowers with white centres.
  2. Tetratheca pilosa [Section 221] in the same pot has attractive mauve-pink bell flowers with darker centres.
  3. Grevillea oligomera [Section 221 in a pot is an unusual West Australian grevillea with pinkish-red brushes on linear foliage.
  4. Another grevillea, Grevillea johnsonii [Section 174], is a tall shrub with soft dark-green, linear foliage with large pink and cream waxy flowers with long red styles.
  5. Hibbertia empetrifolia [Section 210] has wiry trailing foliage which scrambles over the rocks covered in a blaze of bright gold flowers.
  6. Grevillea insignis subsp. insignis [Section 210] is a tall rangy shrub with stiff holly-like foliage and cream and pink waxy flowers with long bright pink styles.
  7. Isopogon ‘Little Drumstick’ [Section 210] has yellow cone flowers on much divided foliage.
  8. Actinotus helianthi [Section 174] or Flannel Flower in a pot has beautiful grey divided foliage and greenish-cream flowers turning pure white with age.
  9. Anigozanthos rufus ‘Kings Park Federation Flame’ [Section 174] is a showy bright orange-red Kangaroo Paw.
  10. Leptospermum ‘Mesmer Eyes’ [Section 174] is a tall angular bush with light pink five part flowers with darker pink stamens.
  11. Pultenaea villosa [Section 60] has bright orange flowers on arching stems of small tight foliage.
  12. Sphenotoma dracophylloides [Section 240] forms white terminal clusters of flower on short stems of curled foliage.
  13. Bear right down the path towards the Crosbie Morrison Building.  Leptospermum ‘Pink Cascade’ [Section 240] shows weeping sprays of pink flowers with darker pink stamens.
  14. Grevillea ‘Bonfire’ [Section 240] is a shrub with dark green linear foliage and terminal waxy red flowers held upright.
  15. Philotheca myoporoides [Section 240] has white star flowers on a small neat bush.
  16. Petrophile biloba [Section 240] has divided linear foliage with large gold heads of bloom.
  17. Tetratheca ciliata [Section 240] has dainty pendent white bells on a bush with dark green foliage.
  18. Rulingia magniflora  [Section 240]  has clusters of white flowers on soft greyish-green foliage
  19. Alyogyne huegelii [Section 240] is a tall bush with white hibiscus style flowers.
  20. Kunzea baxteri [Section 240] has bright red powderpuff flowers on a tall bush with neat clusters of foliage.
  21. Daviesia physodes [Section 310] in a pot has orange pea flowers on sparse green foliage.
  22. We now look at three different hibbertias in the same pot.  Hibbertia cunninghamii [Section 240] has stems of mid-green foliage with large bright yellow papery flowers.
  23. Hibbertia fasciculata [Section 240] has tiny soft crowded foliage with small bright yellow five part flowers.
  24. Hibbertia vaginata [Section 240] is a creeping groundcover with bright yellow flowers.
  25. Thomasia petalocalyx [Section 240] has pale lilac pendent bells on dusty green foliage.

Rosalind Walcott.