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In Flower This Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers before each plant refer to temporary IFTW labels in the gardens.
Numbers in square brackets
[ ] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

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28 September 2012

Pomaderris intermedia

Pomaderris intermedia
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Today we walk around the Visitors Information Centre, a short walk with many interesting plants in flower

  1. As you leave the Visitors Information Centre turn left and look up to see Clematis microphylla [Section 212] showing small white star flowers on a climbing woody vine.
  2. Continue past the Friends Cascade to notice on the right and left lots of Hardenbergia violacea [Section 224] with exuberant purple pea flowers on a scrambling vine.
  3. On the right, and not labelled, is Pomaderris intermedia [Section 225] with large yellow flower heads on a medium bush of dark green leaves.
  4. Acacia pycnantha [Section 224] or Golden Wattle is our national emblem displaying large golden balls on a small tree with pendent sickle-shaped phyllodes.
  5. On the left is Grevillea rosmarinifolia ‘Scarlet Sprite’ [Section 224] with bright red blooms on a dense bush with spiky foliage.
  6. Acacia dawsonii [Section 224] or Poverty Wattle is an upright bush with plenty of yellow ball flowers. 
  7. Prostanthera rugosa [Section 223] shows lovely mauve flowers on a small bush with arching branches of aromatic leaves.
  8. Acacia aphylla [Section 221]has large golden spheres on leafless foliage.
  9. Acacia alata var. alata [Section 221] consists of fluffy pale yellow ball flowers on flattened phyllodes.
  10. Hibbertia empetrifolia [Section 174] has bright yellow coins of flower on a scrambling bush with wiry stems of small foliage.
  11. Dusty pink flowers on a medium bush is Zieria formosa [Section 174].
  12. Rhodanthe anthemoides [Section 174] is a groundcover of white paper daisies with gold centres.
  13. Tetratheca pilosa subsp. latifolia [Section 174] or Pink-eyed Susan has pink/purple pendent bells on a small bush.
  14. Isopogon ‘Little Drumsticks’[Section 210] is a small bush of divided rigid green foliage and cones with a fringe of yellow flowers.
  15. Look up to see Grevillea insignis subsp. insignis [Section 210] with pink waxy flowers on stiff holly-like foliage.
  16. Pomaderris obcordata [Section 210] has pink buds opening to composite white lacy flowers.
  17. Philotheca myoporoides subsp. myoporoides [Section 210] has deep pink buds opening to pale pink star flowers.
  18. Acacia cognata ‘Green Mist’ [Section 210] has beautiful weeping foliage with small yellow ball flowers.
  19. Rulingia magniflora [Section 210] has pink clusters of flowers on a straggly bush.

Rosalind Walcott.