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In Flower This Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers before each plant refer to temporary IFTW labels in the gardens.
Numbers in square brackets
[ ] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

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2 March 2012

Calothamnus tuberosus
Calothamnus tuberosus
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This walk is around and about the Rock Garden where flowers are forever changing. Enjoy first, those near the Visitors Information Centre, where opposite the doors, Scaevola calliptera drapes its stems over the edge of the pot displaying its deep purple fan shaped flowers.  To arrive at the Rock Garden, follow the road on the far side of the Rainforest turning right at the intersection, with the Main Path which will reach the waterfall in the Rock Garden.

  1. Pass the large dense shrub, Banksia aemula [Section 15c] clad with a profusion of lemon flower spikes.
  2. Beside is Hibbertia scandens [Section 15c], a climber with many large yellow flowers.
  3. In a clockwise direction, at the base of the stairs, Hibbertia serpyllifolia [Section 15c] is a small dense shrub clad with many smaller yellow flowers.
  4. Opposite Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’ [Section 15d] is a dense ground cover  with deep red toothbrush shaped flower spikes, which cascades down the rocks to the pools below.
  5. Seen between the rocks edging the path Brachyscome multifida [Section 15d] are small plants clad with pink daily like flowers.
  6. Platytheca galioides [Section 15d] is a small open shrub bearing deep blue flowers.
  7. In another section Hypocalymma xanthopetalum [Section 15f] has tiny feathery flowers along its branches, seen between rocks.
  8. At the foot of the stairs, Plectranthus graveolens [Section 15a] is a herbaceous plant with large felt-like leaves and prominent spikes of pale blue flowers.
  9. Edging the stairs Grevillea ‘Mason’s Hybrid’ [Section 15h] is an ageing spreading shrub displaying many terminal pink-cream flower spikes.
  10. At the top corner Grevillea lanigera [Section 15h] is a dense spreading groundcover clad with pink-cream spider-like flowers.
  11. Edging this road Scaevola albida var. albida [Section 15h] is a semi-prostrate plant clad with both mauve and white fan-shaped flowers.  There, too is Dampiera sylvestris [Section 15h], a suckering plant with blue flowers, seen above other plants.
  12. Close-by Thomasia petalocalyx [Section 15h] is a dense shrub of medium size clad with small downturned pink cup-shaped flowers.
  13. Take the path to the right opposite a wattle, Acacia purpurea [Section 3] a tree with attractive purple tinted terminal bluish foliage.
  14. Beside this small path Calothamnus tuberosus [Section 14] is of medium size with pine-like foliage and with vivid red flower clusters which encircle the stems.
  15. Hibbertia vestita [Section 15k] also has a coverage of small yellow flowers over the dense shrub while opposite
  16. Banksia integrifolia [Section 15l] edging the path is dense and revealing many juvenile green-lemon flower spikes on this large hedge.
  17. At the end of this path Banksia spinulosa ‘Birthday Candles’ [Section 15l] is a dense dwarf shrub bearing many cream flower spikes.
  18. Close by a wattle, Acacia aneura var. aneura [Section 15l] a shrub of medium size interesting with short yellow flower rods.
  19. In a pot, Verticordia pennigera [Section 15r] has small brilliant pink feathery flowers over the low spreading plant.
  20. Continuing downwards, an emu-bush, Eremophila bignoniiflora x polyclada [Section 15r] an open, spreading shrub attractive with large open white bugle shaped flowers with dark spotted throat.
  21. Around the left corner Goodenia macmillanii [Section 15r], a low open spreading plant bearing soft pink flowers.
  22. In front of the picturesque waterfall, growing between the rocks, Lythrum salicaria [Section 15q] is a tall plant bearing pink flowers.  Take any path downhill, always with a variety of flowers to enjoy, to the coffee shop.

Pleasant walking even on this wet day.

Barbara Daly.