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A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
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1 June 2011

flower image
Cordyline obtecta
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Tis time for a cool pleasant walk along the Main Path where many plants are clad with buds and the gardens are illuminated with many golden flower spikes of banksias. The walk commences at the far end of the café building, where a wattle Acacia alata var. biglandulosa [Section 240] with zig-zag shaped stems, small triangular leaves and cream flower ball encircles a tree trunk. Melaleuca fulgens ‘Hot Pink’ [Section 10] displays its bottlebrush-like crimson flowers about the stems while behind, Beaufortia decussata [Section 10] is somewhat similar with differing leaves and red flowers. Behind the coming seat Cordyline obtecta [Section 8] has woody bare trunks with long tapering leaves among which is a large spray of small cream fruits. Continuing, a large spreading heath-leaved banksia, Banksia ericifolia var. ericifolia [Section 30] displays its long cylindrical golden flower spikes. Behind the next seat Grevillea diminuta [Section 30] dangles its rust-red flower clusters from the branches of this medium dense shrub. Almost opposite Dryandra quercifolia [Section 30] has large yellow flower heads with its oak-like leaves while Banksia ‘Honeypots’ [Section 30] displays its honey coloured flower spikes. Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia [Section 30] is a spreading prostrate plant with cream flower spikes rising above the silver backed foliage. Grevillea ‘Flame ‘n Beauty’ [Section 25] has pale cream-red toothbrush-like flowers from its arching terminal branches.

At the next road crossing, Hakea cycloptera [Section 24] is clad with pink-white lacy flowers along its branches. Grevillea dielsiana [Section 26](12) is an open shrub with fine prickly leaves and beautified with pendulous clusters of orange-red flowers while, before the next road crossing, Grevillea ripicola [Section 24] is a dense spreading shrub revealing its lemon flowers with long red styles, dangling, like spiders, from branches.

Across the road Correa ‘Marian’s Marvel’ [Section112] has lemon-dusky red tubular flowers throughout its dense foliage while at the exit, on either side, Correa ‘Canberra Bells’ [Section 112] has few prominent red-yellow tube shaped flowers. This plant is selected to commemorate Canberra’s centenary, 1913-2013.

The path then follows the winding path through the Sydney Region Gully where Crowea exalata [Section 191h], small shrubs clad with pink star flowers. At the sign to the closed glass-houses, Scaevola albida [Section 191j] has few mauve fan-shaped flowers among the dense foliage, and later, a waratah, Telopea speciosissima x oreades [Section 191u] has many large pinkish buds displayed on the yet small shrub. Behind the circular seat, Crowea saligna [Section 191u] shows off its many rich pink star-shaped flowers.

flower image
Eremophila maculata
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Across the Eucalyptus Lawns studded with a variety of trees, Pincushion Hakea, Hakea laurina [Section 20] is a large open shrub bearing numerous golfball size red flower heads. The path then passes through the Rock Garden containing numerous interesting plants. Eucalyptus macrocarpa [Section 15s] with large powdery grey leaves wrapped around the stems, the large fronds of Dicksonia antarctica protruding from the rock wall, and on top of the rockface, a grass tree, Xanthorrhoea sp. with its large green flowing skirt and Banksia sp. with many flower spikes, all to the sound of the water falling over the rocks to the pools below. Beside the old drinking fountain Guichenotia ledifolia [Section 4] is clad with mauve downturned flowers with its grey foliage on this rounded shrub.

So to the Rainforest with its many shades and shapes of leaves to the ramp which includes Prostanthera phylicifolia [Section 210] clad with small mauve flowers and an emu bush, Eremophila maculata [Section 210] with bright yellow tube shaped flowers.

Great walking … Barbara Daly.

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