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Specimens collected on Captain Cook's Voyage - 1770

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Eucalyptus platyphylla

This specimen was among many collected by Banks and Solander at Endeavour River, Queensland during July 1770 while the ship was being repaired.

Poplar Gum is the common name for this tree. It grows on seasonally inundated fertile coastal flats in clay soils from near Cape York in the north of Queensland to Rockhampton in the south.

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Leucopogon ruscifolius

Collected by Banks and Solander at Endeavour River, Queensland July 1770.

This specimen would probably have been collected from the northern bank of the Endeavour River, as its preferred habitat is among the windswept heath vegetation between sand dunes. This species can grow into a small tree but is usually a shrub. The flowers are white and the fruits small and green.


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