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Leptospermum continentale      family MYRTACEAE


A variable shrub to 2 m high, sometimes taller, by 2 m across. The lanceolate leaves are about 1 cm long. The white or rarely pale pink flowers are 1 cm in diameter and seen from late spring to early summer.

Distribution: NSW, Vic, SA.

Note: This species has been in cultivation for many years under a variety of names (e.g. L. scoparium, L. juniperinum). The recent revision of the genus has attempted to separate these three species and the following descriptions may help the reader with identification:

L. continentale has spreading leaves, 3 mm or less in width and strongly incurved from the margins. The fruit is 7 mm or less in diameter.

L. scoparium has spreading leaves more than 3 mm wide and almost flat. The fruit is often 8 mm or more in diameter.

L. juniperinum has erect leaves, at least at first, which are 2 mm or less wide and almost flat. Fruits are often less than 7 mm in diameter.

Propagation From seed or cuttings.

Cultivation It is a hardy shrub, tolerating most soils and aspects.

text from 'AUSTRALIAN NATIVE PLANTS, 4th ed'
by Wrigley & Fagg, Reed Books, 1996