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A weekly news-sheet prepared by a Gardens volunteer
Numbers in brackets [ ] refer to garden bed 'Sections'.

4 April 1998

Stroll along the Main Path with the assistance of the pamphlet `A walk along the new Main Path' (available at the Visitor Centre). Cross over the bridge spanning the Tasmanian Rainforest Gully overlooking the giant radiating fronds of Dicksonia antartica [Section 66]. In front of the cafe building Callistemon citrinus 'Splendens' [Section 240] is aglow with brilliant red bottlebrushes.

The path passes under an old paperbark, Melaleuca linariifolia var. linariifolia [Section 11] with wandering branches covered with peeling, papery bark. See the small emu bushes, including Eremophila maculata [Section 9] with carmine coloured flowers and another with bright yellow flowers. Wander by the area of grasses and flax-like plants. Note the Gymea Lily, Doryanthes excelsa [Section 8] with long, protruding flower spikes.

Crowea 'Pink Blush' [Section 30] is well covered with white starry flowers and nearby Correa 'Dusky Bells' [Section 30] is lovely with its dangling dusky pink tubular flowers. Callistemon 'Mauve Mist' [Section 30] has soft, pink bottlebrushes and, worth finding, just around the corner, Callistemon citrinus 'White Anzac' [Section 30] has delicate, white bottlebrushes. Banksia integrifolia var. integrifolia [Section 30] is tall and elegant with silver-backed leaves and lemon flower spikes.

The path winds through the new area of the Sydney Region Flora. Families of Choughs (a species of black birds) are seen scratching up the delectables in the mulch. Edging the path Scaevola ramosissima [Section 191] with long, prostrate stems, bears large, purple flowers which contrast well with the tiny, yellow flowers of Goodenia heterophylla [Section 191]. Spyridium sp. [Section 191] is an interesting small shrub which bears minute, white flowers surrounded by white, floral leaves. Beside the seat see, in the rock wall, fossils of the seed-fern Glossopteris and behind, Banksia spinulosa var. spinulosa [Section 191] is illuminated with gold flower spikes. Pause awhile, smell the bush fragrances and marvel at the colourful bird life. Then continue to the top garden where a few velvety, white flannel flowers, Actinotus helianthi [Section 191] are seen with brilliant pink star flowers of Crowea saligna [Section 191]. The trail winds downhill via the Eucalypt Lawn to the Rock Garden where the orange flowers of Chrysocephalum apiculatum [Section 4] edge the path. In the small garden in front of the waterfall admire Sturt's Desert Pea, Swainsona formosa [Section 15V] with its remarkable red pea flower, complete with black eye, and trailing, grey foliage. Then feel the coolness of the Rainforest Gully with its many shades of green. Long flowering, Eremophila glabra 'Murchison Magic' [Section 210j] with salmon coloured flowers grows at the bottom of the rock cutting.

Great walking ... marvellous flora. Barbara Daly.

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