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Numbers in brackets [ ] refer to garden bed 'Sections'.

8 August 1997

This walk will follow the Main Path, commencing at the large rocks along Banks Walk. Between these rocks, the soft grey-white foliage of Leucophyta brownii [Section 210] is prominent. Grevillea `Poorinda Tranquility' [Section 210] is a small shrub dotted with attractive peach coloured flowers. Follow the boardwalk through the tree tops of the Rainforest Gully. See such beauties as the Rough Treefern, Cyathea australis [Section 148] with large fronds radiating from the trunk apex and the Hoop Pine, Araucaria cunninghamii [Section 64], with tall, straight, dark trunk and systemmatically arranged branches.

Meander in and about the Rockery. See, in front of the waterfall, the miniature Banksia `Birthday Candles' [Section 15], each plant with its yellow, cylindrical flower spike tinged with red styles. A prostrate form of Crowea exalata [Section 15] nearby continues to produce small, pink star flowers. Guichenotia macrantha [Section 4] is a small plant adorned with interesting bell-like pink flowers.

The area of hakeas includes Hakea bakeriana [Section 20]. It is a rounded shrub of medium size with needle-like leaves behind which are large clusters of pink and cream flowers on the old wood. Hakea sericea [Section 20] is a large, many branched shrub with a covering of pale pink lacy flowers. Follow the path as it snakes through the Eucalyptus Lawn. Take heed of the variety of tree trunks, some mottled grey and others with deeply grooved bark.

The next area is that of the Sydney Region Flora where Banksia spinulosa var. spinulosa [Section 191] continues to bear golden flower spikes. The path then winds through a newly planted area so a walk through the established area along the gully may be more interesting. Today the mournful call of a Pallid Cuckoo is heard above the chatter of many birds.

Grevillea miqueliana [Section 26] is a shrub of medium size dotted with soft pink flowers and nearby Grevillea aspleniifolia [Section 26], with short trunk and long lateral branches, is worth admiring because of its unique design. Grevillea victoriae [Section 25] is as yet small and open and laden with deep rust-red spider-like flowers. Banksia integrifolia var. integrifolia [Section 30] stands tall with silver-backed leaves and small, lemon flower spikes. Banksia ericifolia var. ericifolia [Section 30] glows with longer, golden flower spikes. Note the variety of grasses and sedges. See the Grass Tree, Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. glauca [Section 8] with brown skirt and swirling green top.

Always another flower ...

Barbara Daly

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