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In Flower this Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers in square brackets [] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

1 December 2006

flower image
Crowea exalata- click for larger image

It’s summer time so let’s enjoy the many flowers edging the Main Path. Starting at the end of the Café building, Callistemon viminalis [Section 310] spreads its willowy branches with its deep red bottlebrush-like flowers over the path. Other bottlebrushes edge this path, in particular, Callistemon chisholmii [Section 11] a tall upright shrub with small pink flowers in branches above the path. Leptospermum ‘Aphrodite’ [Sections 10, 11] is a medium open shrub well clad with bright pink open petalled flowers.

An emu bush, Desert Pride, Eremophila mackinlayi subsp. spathulata [Section 302] is a low hairy plant with green-grey foliage and large purple bugle shaped flowers on the lateral branches. In front view the grass-trees, Xanthorrhoea glauca [Section 8] with dense grass skirts and tall bare spikes crowded with now fading cream flowers. This garden of daisies is aglow with yellow straw flowers and Chrysocephalum apiculatum [Section 303] with small button size flower heads tipping the green foliage. Kangaroo paws are now in flower and include Anigozanthos flavidus [Section 8] with ‘paw’ shaped matt green flowers behind which is Anigozanthos ‘Bush Ranger’ [Section 8] with dark red flowers.

Kunzea ambigua x capitata [Section 30] continues to be a picture with its small pink flower balls on branches above the path. A bed of many plants include Verticordia plumosa var.plumosa [Section 30] is yet small with plum coloured lacy flowers crowded along the upper stems. Opposite, as a background is a medium size tree, a kurrajong, Brachychiton populneus subsp. populneus [Section 30] prolific with cream bowl shaped flowers with the inside streaked red. (take another path to view these flowers).

Cross over the next road to view Banksia blechnifolia [Section 26], an interesting dwarf spreading shrub with dusky red flower spikes and deeply lobed green and bronze juvenile leaves, all appearing to emerge from branches on or below the soil. Then continue among the trees with white mottled trunks, passing Crowea exalata [Section 112] a dwarf shrub with small four-petalled deep pink flowers and Kennedia macrophylla [Section 112], a dense entanglement of vine with dusky orange strands of pea flowers, to the Sydney Region Gully where flannel flower, Actinotus helianthi ‘Federation Stars’ [Section 191h] is seen along the winding path. The velvety cream daisy-like flowers surrounded by grey-green foliage are a joy to see. Scaevola aemula [Section 191h] has purple fan-shaped flowers along its trailing stems and Persoonia microphylla [Section 191h] is a dense ground-cover brightened with tiny tubular yellow flowers. Hibbertia pedunculata [Section 191j] is another ground-cover bright with small yellow open flowers. Christmas Bells, Blandfordia grandiflora [Section 191l] has bare upright stems with red buds.


flower image
Chrysocephalum apiculatum- click for larger image

Cross the Eucalyptus Lawn down to the Rock Garden with many paths to follow. Dampiera stricta [Section 15R] a suckering plant shows off its deep blue flowers while, close by the multi-pink flowers on low wandering stems of Goodenia macmillanii [Section 15R, also 210] are equally attractive. Emu bush, Eremophila latrobei var. latrobei [Section 15V] bears red tube flowers on the small open shrub.

Crossing over to the cool green Rainforest to the ramp where Boronia ‘Carousel’ [Section 210] has dark pink closed bell shaped flowers covering its branches and edging the lower path, Dietes robinsoniana [Section 212] with long sword-like leaves has attractive large white flowers with yellow centres on long stems.



Many flowers to admire … Barbara Daly.


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