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In Flower this Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers in square brackets [] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

22 July 2005

Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid' - click for larger image
Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid' - click for larger image

There is much to see in the Rock Garden. Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia [Section 15C] is a prostrate sprawling across the rocks with creamy yellow flower heads. It has leathery leaves, green on one side and light grey on the reverse.

Opposite is Banksia 'Honeypots ' [Section 15D]: low growing banksia that has deep yellow and crimson flower heads. The leaves are narrow and toothed. Hybanthus floribundus subsp. adpressus [Section 15D], is a small shrub which has a mass of delicate white flowers and small fine leaves. Ptilotus obovatus ' Cobtus' [Section 15D] has balls of grey woolly flowers and the leaves are green/grey.
Homoranthus darwinoides [Section 15F], an endangered species, is a large broad shrub. It has dangling little red and lime/yellow flowers. The leaves are tiny, and grey in colour.

Baeckea crassifolia - click for larger image
Baeckea crassifolia - click for larger image

Next door is Eremophila maculata var. brevifolia [Section 15F], an emu bush, which has small rounded spoon-like green leaves with deep crimson flowers. Westringia glabra [Section 15A], a member of the mint family, has mauve flowers and mid-green small leaves. Beside it is Phebalium stenophyllum [Section 15A], which is beginning to flower, with clusters of light yellow flowers and small green/grey rounded elongated leaves. Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid ' [Section 15W], is a small tree with large flower heads of red and green, with interesting ornamental leaves. A small plant, Cryptandra aridicola [Section 15H], has little star-like white flowers and tiny leaves. Notice the green fruits of Persoonia linearis x pinifolia [Section 15H], a small geebung tree. It has long soft hanging leaves. Grevillea lanigera [Section 15H], a low prostrate plant has a warm sheltered spot amongst the rocks. It has small rounded oblong leaves equally spaced up and down the stems, and rosy red flowers.

Opposite is Wilsonia humilis [Section 15G], a low growing prostrate with woolly grey/green leaves and white flowers. Isopogon cuneatus [Section 15P], an endangered species, is a medium bush with pompom lilac flowers, and leathery leaves on red/pink stems. Hakea corymbosa [Section 15P], the Cauliflower Hakea, is a small tree that has a clustered arrangement of flowers and leaves. The flowers are lime/green. Baeckea crassifolia [Section 15R], is a little plant with tiny leaves and miniature pink flowers distributed up and down the stem. Thryptomene denticulata [Section 15S] is a small plant with delicate minute flowers. The leaves are small and fern-like. To finish off, there is a small elegant tree Hakea obtusa [Section 15P]. Deep pink pin cushion flowers can be seen growing along the stems.

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Lesley Page

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