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In Flower this Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers in square brackets [] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

24 September 2004

flower image
Acacia 'Kuranga Cascade' - click for larger image

Sun, warmth…and more flowers!  ‘In Flower This Week’ takes you on a short loop walk right next to the carpark…ideal for those who may be less mobile.  (By the way, there are motor scooters and wheelchairs available for hire at no cost from the Visitor Information Centre).  Start your walk at the bus shelter at the top of the carpark and head to the right (in the direction of the café) (see map).  The plants are so close together (and nearly all located in Section 174) so it may be easier to follow the commentary this week.  Enjoy!

Just next to the beautiful Big Badja Gum (Eucalyptus badjensis) look for the bright yellow pollen packed flowers of Hibbertia empetrifolia.  A little further up the hill are the long orange cones of Banksia ericifolia.  Moving along a few paces, Pimelea brachyphylla is covered in dainty white clusters of flowers.  Just to the right check out the sprays of pink flowers on the weeping Thryptomene saxicola ‘Paynes’.  Right next to the path the paper daisy Rhodanthe anthemoides is showing off its pretty petite white and yellow flowers.  Just up the hill, Acacia ‘Kuranga Cascade’ is cascading in fine style over a rock resulting in a lovely yellow and green curtain.  As you continue on, check out the purple/mauve flowers of Tetratheca thymifolia in the thin garden bed on your right.  If you look closely, you’ll see the intricate darker lines inside the petals.  Further on the flame red Epacris impressa is certainly impressive with its hanging tubular red flowers.

flower image
Tetratheca thymifolia - click for larger image

Follow your ears to the sound of the waterfall and rest here if you have time.  You may well be treated to a symphony of frog calls…not long till tadpole time!  If you like frogs the ANBG website has more info! (See bottom of page for web address)

Onward ho!  Head back along the walkway in the direction of the Visitor Centre and Bookshop…but take it slowly…there’s much to see!  On your left the two grevilleas in the corner of the gardens are looking superb at the moment…they are Grevillea ‘Flame’n’Beauty’ and Grevillea ‘Little Jessie’…both rather prickly customers but this certainly doesn’t bother the many honeyeaters and spinebills who feed on the nectar rich flowers.  As you move along, compare the showy pink flowers of Chamelaucium ‘Cascade Jewel’ with the rather unobtrusive yellow flowers of Calytrix ecalycata.  It’s interesting to think about the pollinators working behind the scenes and the different features that attract different critters. 

Grevillea alpina (Warby Ranges form) has lovely soft foliage (quite unusual for a grevillea!) and great yellow/red flowers.  Just behind this are the beautiful red flowers of Grevillea ‘Ned Kelly’.  Note the difference in flower size between these two grevilleas.  Look to the left side of the path and enjoy the beautiful mauve/purple flowers of the native hibiscus Alyogyne ‘Westcoast Gem’ [Section 210]. 

To finish up, head along to see the colourful pot display just outside the Visitor Centre.  Enjoy the golden yellow swathe of wattles on your way.                              

Sue Dowling

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