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A weekly news-sheet prepared by a Gardens volunteer 
Numbers in brackets [ ] refer to garden bed 'Sections'. Plants in flower are in bold type.

21 September 2001

Golden wattles, purple hardenbergias, banksias and so many other plants are bursting into flower, so this walk will be to see the beauties of the Rock Garden.

Starting below the waterfall and in an anticlockwise direction, Prostanthera brevidens [Section 4] stands upright exposing its small pink bugle flowers on its many stems. Chorizema cordatum C. varium intermediate [Section 4] has loosely arranged bright orange-red pea flowers while the fragrant bell-shaped chocolate and lemon flowers of Boronia megastigma [Section 4 and elsewhere] are close by.

The opposite corner contains Lechenaultia formosa [Section 15R] with an abundance of china blue flowers over this prostrate plant and Dampiera juncea [Section 15R] with trailing stems is covered with deep blue flowers. Then, Eriostemon verrucosus ‘J. Semmens’ [Section 15R] has double waxy white flowers over a small shrub while Ricinocarpus bowmanii [Section 15R] presents star flowers with white recurved petals.

Opposite, Hardenbergia violacea ‘Mini Haha’ [Section 15S] is dense with deep purple pea flowers. Below the branches of Grevillea stenomera [Section 15P] with soft pink and yellow flowers, Isopogon asper [Section 15P] is a dwarf plant with soft spiky flower heads coloured shades of pink and lemon. Isopogon sp. [Section 15P], around the corner, of medium size is colourful with large rose-pink flower heads.

Along the top road, Acacia pravissima ‘Kuranga Cascade’ [Section 15J] is prostrate and draped with soft golden fluffy flower balls while beside, Rhodanthe anthemoides [Section 15J] is densely packed with yellow centred white daisies. Edging the road are areas of Brachyscome formosa [Section 15H] with short stemmed soft pink daisies with backdrops of Hibbertia empetrifolia [Section 15H] having bright yellow open petalled flowers over an entanglement of trailing stems. Grevillea lavandulacea [Section 15H] is dazzling with scarlet flowers over a taller shrub while Hypocalymma angustifolium [Section 15H] is a small shrub with wandering stems crowded with small rounded white fluffy flowers which mature to a shade of pink.

Edging the stairs, Homoranthus sp. [Section 15A] has a low spreading habit with lateral branches covered with yellow buds just exploding into small tubular flowers. Zieria aspalathoides [Section 15A] is small and compact covered with tiny pink flowers. Micromyrtus ciliata [Section 15G] is worth viewing for this smallish shrub, dense with lateral branches has a carpet of minute mature burgundy coloured flowers.

Room for another plant … Dracophyllum secundum [Section 15C], a small plant with lance shaped leaves radiating from the stems, something like a palm, and upright stems of white tubular flowers ...not easy to describe!

Flowers are bursting out everywhere ... Barbara Daly.

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