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23 March 2001

This early autumn walk is around and about the Rock Garden. But first note the flowers in the pots outside the Visitor Centre, which include the cup-shaped down-turned mauve flowers of Thomasia tremandroides.

Most plants mentioned will be quite small. One exception is Banksia integrifolia var. integrifolia [Section 15C] with lemon upright cylindrical flower spikes amid the silver-backed foliage snaking across the path. Crowea exalata ‘Pink Blush’ [Section 15C] has an array of almost white, but not quite, star-like flowers over this small open shrub. Couldn’t miss the enormous red metal totem ‘Ancestral Offering’ [Section 15D] by Francine Secretan, beside which is a waratah, Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima [Section 15D], a large shrub exhibiting few out-of-season open red flowers.

Nestled between rocks, Brachycome tatei [Section 15F] is a small dwarf plant highlighted with yellow-centred mauve daisies. Accompanying it is Dampiera altissima [Section 15F] with dark blue flowers and green-grey foliage. Standing tall in the centre of this garden is Alyogyne huegelii ‘West Coast Gem’ [Section 15F] bearing deep purple hibiscus-like flowers. Around the corner Lomandra leucocephala subsp. robusta [Section 15F] is a small tufted plant with narrow leaves, interesting with dense clusters of cream flowers encircling the stems at intervals. Halgania cyanea var. tuberculosa [Section 15G] is small and attractive with deep blue flowers.

Verticordia pennigera [Section 15H] is dwarf and upright, with clusters of pink frilly flowers. Around the corner Grevillea lanigera [Section 15H] flows down the slope, well covered with its lovely flowers coloured shades of red. Edging it, Dampiera stricta [Section 15W] has lovely blue flowers on upright stems and Ptilotus nobilis [Section 15W] has upright stems of cream woolly flower heads.

On the far side of the Rock Garden, near the Armillary Sphere Sundial, Astartea heteranthera [Section 15R] is a small open shrub with small red buds opening to small white flowers along its lateral branches. Snug between other plants, Banksia spinulosa ‘Birthday Candles’ [Section 15L] is decorated with light gold upright flower spikes. Opposite Scaevola phlebopetala [Section 15P] has long stems hugging the earth and bearing yellow-centred, deep purple fan flowers. Lobelia alata [Section 15P], with tiny blue flowers, is dense and vigorously creeping across the path. Brachycome multifida ‘Evan’ [Section 15S] is another small compact plant displaying mauve daisies. Goodenia cycloptera [Section 15S] has cheery yellow flowers along its trailing stems while high on the bank, Crowea ‘Festival’ [Section 15S] is colourful with deep pink star flowers over a fairly open shrub.

Before inspecting the many totems and amulets on the Rock Garden Lawn, view another trailing plant, Hemigenia sp. [Section 15V] clad with bright mauve bugle-shaped flowers.

Such flowers ...

Barbara Daly.

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