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Numbers in brackets [ ] refer to garden bed 'Sections'.

28 April 2000

View the colourful flowers along the Banks Walk. See the dwarf Banksia spinulosa 'Birthday Candles' [Section 172] capped with so many upright golden cylindrical flowers. With the assistance of the pamphlet 'A walk along the Main Path', enjoy the autumn flowers along this path, starting at the far end of the café building where numerous banksias are flourishing, including Banksia spinulosa var. collina [Section 131] with golden flower spikes.

Callistemon citrinus [Section 9] is quite a large shrub and is covered with a multitude of red bottlebrush flowers. The Bamboo Grass, Stipa ramosissima [Section 8] is a tall branching grass with attractive feathery flower heads [suitable for floral arrangements]. In the daisy bed opposite, the pale mauve flowers of Brachycome 'Misty Mauve' [Section 8] beside the grey and the green foliage forms of Chrysocephalum apiculatum [Section 8] with bright orange flower heads, make desirable border plants.

Banksia ericifolia [Section 30] is a large, spreading shrub radiant with long, rich golden flower spikes. Around this corner, worth viewing is Callistemon citrinus 'White Anzac' [Section 30] with a few grand white bottlebrush flowers.

'Tis not the time for grevilleas to flower along this area. However Grevillea manglesii subsp. manglesii [Section 26] is covered with fine white feathery flowers amid small indented leaves. Close by the large rounded shrub, Banksia conferta var. penicillata [Section 26] bears green, pencil fine buds and many mature brownish-yellow flower spikes favoured by the many birds indulging in the nectar.

At the top corner of the area of the Sydney Region Flora, a group planting of Crowea saligna [Section 191] has produced a pleasing array of pink star flowers. Along the curving path Spyridium sp. [Section 191] is quite unique as white floral-leaves surround its terminal clusters of minute white flowers. Epacris impressa (Mimosa Rocks) [Section 191] is a small upright plant with branches clustered with small, pink tubular flowers. Seen along the gully bank, Banksia spinulosa var. spinulosa [Section 191] with dark gold flower spikes has a halo of dark red styles.

The path snakes through the relaxing Eucalyptus Lawn to the Rock Garden which houses many small and treasured plants. Dampieras include Dampiera stricta [Section 15R] with blue flowers on upright stems, Dampiera linearis [Section 15R] is similar with darker blue flowers and another, Dampiera sp. [Section 15R] bearing tiny pink flowers. Opposite, the burgendy pea flowers of Swainsona sp. [Section 4] are borne on long upright stems. The Rainforest Gully has many shades of green but few flowers. However Acmena smithii [Section 114], even though not flowering, has flushes of attractive pink new growth. Along the downward ramp, small flowers include Pityrodia sp. [Section 210] with shades of pink, can be seen.

Pleasant walking, great plants …

Barbara Daly.

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