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Planning your visit

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Bookings are essential for all school group visits including teacher guide. Please make all bookings one week in advance. Booking your group helps us to avoid congestion on paths and facilitate emergency evacuation if required.

Visitor Code

The Gardens plantings are a valuable scientific collection. Please help us protect the collection by following the Gardens rules:

  • Please stay on the paths or lawns
  • Take your rubbish home, we have no bins
  • No ball games, frisbees, kites, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades
  • No BBQs or fires

Risk Management

Emergency procedures

  • Please report any incidents or accidents to the Visitor Centre
  • The Visitor Centre can be contacted on 6250 9540 and the Duty Ranger 0417 021 558
  • Some areas of the Gardens may be closed in periods of high fire danger or strong winds.  You will be contacted by the Education Office if the Gardens are closed on the day you have booked
  • In the event of an emergency follow the directions of Wardens (distinguishable by red or white hats) or Education Rangers

Night time

  • Education Rangers have radios and access to a mobile telephone. They will communicate an emergency to all groups, call emergency services, and evacuate groups if needed


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