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Asplenium australasicum

Professional Development and Resources

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The Plant Kingdom

Yr 5 - 9
Classroom resource
A simple overview of the plant kingdom.
Website: The Plant Kingdom

Common Australian Plant Families

Yr 5 - 12
Classroom resource
An overview of common Australian Plant Families for school teachers and budding botanists.
Common Australian Plant Families

Propagating Australian Plants

Yr 5 - 12
Classroom resource
Perfect for budding botanists, this guide will help you grow native plants with tips on collecting seeds, germinating seeds and growing from cuttings.
How to Propagate Australian Plants

Adaptations of Australian Plants

Years 5 - 9
Onsite teacher guided activity (one hour)

How have Australian plants adapted to different climates? Visit the Gardens and compare the Rainforest Gully and Mallee Shrublands with your students. Also available as facilitated programs programs Wet and Dry for preschool - yr 2 and Around Oz in an Hour for yr 3-12.

Download 'Rainforest Gully' teacher notes

Download 'Plants of the Mallee Shrublands' teacher notes

Aussie Plants and People

Years 5 - 9
Onsite self guided activity (one hour)

Discover fascinating facts about the importance of Australian plants in the past and today. Teacher notes include explanations, suggested answers, and ideas for extension work when you are back at school.

Download 'Aussie Plants and People' teacher notes

Download 'Aussie Plants and People' student booklet

Aussie Survivor

Years 5 - 9
Onsite self guided activity (one hour)

Explore the weird and wonderful adaptations of Australian plants. See survivors from prehistoric times. Find plants that are almost fire-proof and plants that need fire to survive. Teacher notes include the Aussie Survivor booklet as well as explanations, suggested answers, and ideas for extension work when you are back at school.

Download 'Aussie Survivor' teacher notes

Download 'Aussie Survivor' student booklet

Botanical Brainteaser

Yrs 4-7
Onsite self guided activity (one hour)

Take on the challenge! Discover for yourself amazing facts about Australian flora. Students learn to estimate the age of a bottlebrush by counting its fruit, guess how many Gymea lilies will grow from a single clump, and think about ways to catch seeds from exploding fruit.

Download 'Botanical Brainteaser' teacher booklet

Download 'Botanical Brainteaser' student booklet

Eucalyptus by Gum

Early childhood - yr3
Onsite self guided activity (one hour)

Hunt Eucalypts, spot birds, and hug a tree to hear it whisper.

Download 'Eucalyptus by gum 1' student booklet

Download 'Eucalyptus by gum 2' student booklet

Download 'Eucalyptus by gum 3' student booklet

Floral Emblems of Australia

Yrs 3-6
Onsite or classroom activity
Explore floral Emblems in your classroom or at the Gardens. Take up the challenge of choosing a floral emblem for your school, town or district. Also available as a facilitated onsite program 'Aussie, Aussie Aussie – Wattle, Wattle, Wattle'

Download 'Floral emblems of Australia' education kit

Top Draw

Yr 5-12
Onsite or classroom activity
Botanical art, or scientific study? Use Top Draw in the classroom and your students will be ready to draw on location in your school garden, your local bush or in the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Can be used as a single lesson or a unit of work.

Download 'Top Draw … drawing Aussie flora'

Download 'Top Draw … drawing Aussie flora further design activities'

Using Bush Plants

Yr 5 – yr 10
Onsite or classroom activity
How did Aboriginal people use bush plants. Research in your classroom or take a stroll in the Gardens to discover some of the valued plants and traditional uses of Australia's native plants. Also available as a facilitated program Using Bush Plants - Now and Then.

Website: Aboriginal plant use in S.E. Australia
Download 'Aboriginal plant use in S.E. Australia' (PDF - 425 KB)
Download 'Aboriginal plant use and Technology' (PDF - 277 KB)

Additional teacher resources

Download 'Aboriginal use of wattles' (PDF - 35 KB)
Download 'Aboriginal cooking techniques' (PDF - 30 KB)
Download 'Aboriginal bush medicines' (PDF - 9 KB)

Who lives here?

This fun 30 minute activity demonstrates how plants are important for animal biodiversity.
On this self-guided program around the ANBG childrens' walk you will explore Aussie plants and receive an early introduction to Australian habitats and the importance of food chains and biodiversity.

Download 'Who lives here?' student booklet

Professional development programs

Education Services offers professional development programs designed to help teachers use the Gardens as an effective educational resource.

Book in for a one hour session to see the array of programs we have on offer for your students (guided or self-guided). We cater for Preschools, Primary and Secondary Teachers.

Organise a time for one of our Education Officers to come to your school and present our education programs at your next staff meeting (Canberra and Queanbeyan schools only).

Run your staff professional development day here in the Gardens. Free venue hire to schools who schedule a 20min to 1hour Education session to find out about the exciting learning opportunities in the Gardens.

Book a Venue

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